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digital collage photography


This work, through blurred and blurry photos, wants to investigate the non-existence of linear time (past-present-future) and consequently the non-existence of a phenomenal reality as expressed in the famous phrase of A. Einstein: "reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"

Reality: merely an illusion
(ongoing project)

Suggestioni quotidiane
(ongoing project)

Is a collection of works created with the digital collage technique.
Conceived as a result of daily suggestion intended more as a "new thought" in perpetual renewal - instilled by the conscious weakening of thought itself, rather than by a surreptitious external conditioning - they withdraw from meanings, celebrating silence as surrender to the incomprehensible manifestation of life.

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Towards silence_04.jpg

Towards silence

(ongoing project)

This work tells about seeking silence's bits in the creases of our daily surrounding noise.

This kind of "primal hunting" itself , makes me a stronger listener so that I can "see" the cracks of the world's silence and dive into it, into the very core of me...

(ongoing project)
Anthroposphere is an ongoing project. In these images, obtained by overlapping my photographs of modern and contemporary architecture, I'm trying to depict the chaos of the contemporary mankind's sphere of life through the built environment as in the definition of junk-space by the architect Rem Koolhaas : " if space-junk is the human debris that litters the universe, junk-space is the residue mankind leaves on the planet. The built ... product of modernization is not modern architecture but Junkspace".



This photographic work focuses on the theme of "vanitas", as from the 17th century still life paintings, but in a contemporary key.

"Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas" (latin translation of the Hebrew "hèvel havalim" from the Qohèlet) is the famous phrase taken from the Ecclesiaste, a sapiental book of the Bible.

It expresses the feeling of powerlessness in the face of impermanence of things; it is the recognition in death of the defeat of all our earthly endeavors.

It is a warning to the ephemeral condition of the existence, in synthesis expressed by the historical sentence "memento mori".

This warning to the transience of the existence ended up being symbolized by the human skull, over the centuries.

Nowadays the representation of a human skull, from a tattoo to a worldwide known artwork, it's simply something cool, trendy, no longer worthy of its significance. It's the expression, once again, that everything - symbols included - is nothing but vanity.

For in our age no one seems to care much about the essence of existence, maybe we can only allow ourselves to be kidnapped by the inexorable, tragic and beautiful dance of life with the hope of bringing a bit of happiness and joy into it by surrendering to the transience of forms, just like in a "dance macabre".

Urban identities

Through a series of post-processed photos the project aims to represent the person in close (dis)connection with the "urbe", understood more as the built environment, the "global city" with its lights and smells, its open spaces and its narrow alleys.

An artificial landscape governed by rules (often irrationally) mandatory that constantly transform the territory making it ugly:

the Man-person closely linked to it, comes out torn in its most authentic nature.


Killing time

KT is a photographic project with aims to represent the attempt to "killing time".

It was an October afternoon, two women sitting at a table in a bar were having their drink.

I jumped in the eyes of their concern that they were trying to "killing time" in that bar and it appeared to me as an act of pure crime.

In everyday life many of us escape the concept of preciousness of time and the realization that the time is actually killing us. We could never kill him.

In KT, the two women are "terrorist of time" , say the spirit stripped out of those other two women I saw in that bar , on a kind of dreamlike level.

In tune with

This photographic project aims to depicts the inner harmony of a man  with his own feminine side.


Unconventional lovers

Depicting an aspect of the multifaceted world of eros through a path of three post-processed/collage photos, with an hint of playfulness and a touch of the surreal.

A world where a chance meeting in a New York subway between a fly and a man who will later be the author this project leads to an interchange of ideas and experiences.

The fly(spy) shows off, proudly, how easy has been to watch and enjoy the humans' way of expressing their pleasure without inhibiting their playful time by its presence. With its omnipresence in the human everyday life it consider itself the perfect mirror of man's (un)consciousness.

At the end of the journey, after a friendly good bye, the man set his heart on how to depict a summary of those tale!

It blossomed into this project...

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