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Salvatore Balice

I am interested in the halo of the image, in the impermanence of the structure.


I was born in Bari, capital of the Apulia region in the south of Italy.
I’m a self-taught multidisciplinary artist, with a background of architectural interior designer.
All my works go beyond the purely phenomenal worldly character of expression.
They are the product of an individual research that I have been carrying out for more than twenty years, where the direct intuition of the thing itself, that is of the essence, is my only path.
Like a hollow bamboo inside, I make space inside myself to listen to what resounds without sound overwhelming the voice of the din, to no longer visit but be visited, especially by silence …

Quoting Carlo Sini on Derrida: “we cannot say what we have to say because it means that every saying is already a writing, it is already a writing that is originally silent, that has no archè, has no beginning; it is rooted in not being able, not wanting, not having to say ".

I am interested in the halo of the image, in the impermanence of the structure.



Alfred Leslie, Afro Basaldella, Emilio Vedova, Clifford Still, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Francis Bacon, Jean Jaques Marie, Norman Lewis, Willem De Kooning, Bice Lazzari, Louise Nevelson


2001-2003 Architectural Interior Designer London, Regno Unito
Salvatore Balice

L'artista al lavoro

Esibizioni soliste

2019 Solo Exhibition - "OPEN" Atelier d'architettura Bari, Italia

2019 Solo Exhibition - Libera+Soon Art Gallery Cafe Roma, Italia

Esposizioni collettive

2018 Collective Exhibition - V Edition Trieste Photo Days Trieste, Italia

2018 "A Mola" - Collective Exhibition - Aliance Francaise Bari, Italia

2015 It's Liquid - International Art Show Milano, Italia

2015 It's Liquid International Art Show Venice, Italia

2013 Collective Exhibition - Orizzonti Arte - Art Gallery Ostuni, Italia

2012 "Il Dominio Dela Carne" - Collective art exhibition Palazzo Zenobio Venezia, Italia

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